How to Find a Qualified Independent Strategy Consultant

independent-strategy-consultantFinding a qualified independent strategy consultant is a task that many businesses find themselves in. With the continually increasing competition in the market today, entrepreneurs and business owners need only the best strategies, expertise and advice they can get to fully achieve their goals, drive growth and eliminate competitors. To do that, a professional will have to be sought after. But how exactly does one find a qualified independent strategy consultant? Where do you begin?

Option # 1: Advertise your need.

Putting it out there never fails. Advertise your need for an independent strategy consultant. Have job vacancies or service outsourcing needs posted online, on the company website or in job hunting sites. You will surely receive applications in no time which you will then screen off until you are left with the most qualified professional and consultant. The only downside here is that you may not be able to tap everyone. Chances are, there are still people who may not know of your offer. To widen your reach, you may combine this option with the other items on this list.

Option # 2: Ask your business partners.

It never hurts to ask around. Ask your business partner, a co-entrepreneur who isn’t exactly considered competition, your vendors or even some of your corporate officials if they have someone they can suggest. Many professional and job vacancies are actually filled with the help of recommendations so go ahead and ask.

Option # 3: Look them up.

With websites like LinkedIn where individuals get to have their online professional portfolios alongside blogs and social media, it is far easier and more convenient to find people. The same is true for professionals. You can look up the words “independent strategy consultants” and you will be bombarded with a long list of options to choose from. Surely, you will come across professionals that might be the right fit for your needs. Message or call them up and you can schedule an appointment or meeting to see if they are indeed who you are looking for. You can also check and do a search for consultants.

Option # 4: Pull them up from your network.

One of the main tasks of business owners and entrepreneurs is to keep their network wide and vast. You never know who you’re going to meet at a particular industry or corporate event. There are so many professionals you can encounter on a seminar or a training program. You may have already bumped into a independent strategy consultant suited for your need. Check your network.