Fashion Faux Pas with Blue Topaz Rings

blue topaz ringsBlue topaz rings are one of the most popular jewelry pieces of its kind. Its beauty and charm alongside several of its symbolisms has catapulted it to popularity among people all over the world. Despite of that, a lot of owners still commit certain fashion faux as when it comes to wearing them. To stay away from those mistakes, we’ve come up with a list below to warn you and hopefully help you steer clear of them.

Fashion Faux Pas # 1: Stacking them more than is necessary. – Stacking accessories has become a huge trend these days but one has to know when to pull the plug. There’s always a thing as too much. Besides, you don’t want your hand to end up looking like full blown superhero armor.

Fashion Faux Pas # 2: Wearing them either dirty or damaged. – Dirty topaz looks faded and dull in color so wearing them grimy defeats the purpose of the stone. Damaged ones on the other hand can be risky. It might lead to the rings full harm or the topaz’s loss.

Fashion Faux Pas # 3: Mixing them up with mismatched stones. – Be careful when wearing jewelries of different gemstone variety. They may look off and too overdone as the colors will tend to clash and make your look to busy.

Fashion Faux Pas # 4: Mixing them up with contrasting metals. – The same is true for the type of metal in which your blue topaz has been set in. Different metals put together often look fashion forward but when overdone it will appear tacky.

Fashion Faux Pas # 5: Putting too much action and busyness. – See to it that your accessories complement each other and your entire outfit. It should not corrode your look or create too much action. When you look rather busy, it often comes like an eye sore.

Fashion Faux Pas # 6: Exposing them to heat and chemicals. – Makeup, perfume and other body care products contain certain chemicals which are safe for the skin but harmful to blue topaz rings. Oftentimes, they create color corrosion or in other terms discoloration. Heat does the same thing so see to it that you do not wear your rings while putting on or removing makeup, lotions and perfumes as well as doing your hair with hot tools.

Fashion Faux Pas # 7: Wearing them while doing chores. – Be sure to remove your blue topaz rings when doing chores. They not only look sloppy alongside your chore outfit but they too are exposed to chemicals and accidents that can cause chips and scratches.

Checklist to Jewellery Shopping

jewellery shoppingWhen it comes to jewellery shopping, there are a number of things that one has to consider, remember and do. After all, buying these precious and timeless accessories isn’t anywhere the same as when you buy for your weekly food supplies. is here with a checklist to help all of us out when jewellery shopping.

BUDGET – You need to have a price range of the amount you are willing to and can spend. This always comes before everything else as it will affect all the other items on our list so be sure to have it planned and all.

TYPE – What type of accessory are you shopping for? Are you going for a necklace, earrings, bracelets, pendants, rings or even a set? You have to know what you will be searching for. Trust us; it’s easy to get overwhelmed by a myriad of options available.

METAL – There are three basic metals used for jewellery namely gold, silver and platinum. More variants and kinds are also available but the aforementioned ones are by far the most popular and widely used. Depending on your preference, lifestyle and budget, you will have to settle on a type or combination of metals that make up your piece. Take note of the alloys too as they determine the quality of these.

STONE – There are so many gemstones available today that you might find yourself dizzied out and confused. To avoid that, settle on a hue. Precious stones are characterized by so many factors and hue is a major one. Choose which stone you prefer.

SIZE – This refers to the overall piece itself. You need to ensure that the piece you are getting fits the user perfectly in width or length.

FEATURES – Special features pertain to gemstone cuts and details like engravings. Consider your options and pick which ones you want incorporated.

QUALITY – Only purchase quality jewelleries to not only get the best value for your money but also to ensure that the piece you have purchased lasts as it should be. You would not want to invest on poor grade pieces.

SELLER – Only buy from trusted sellers and shops to avoid any cases of fraud. This will also help ensure that the jewellery you buy from them have undergone strict quality check.

PRICE – This will ultimately depend on all the other factors mentioned above. highly suggests that you work with your budget and not against it to get the best pieces you can find.

Tanzanite Rings: Facts and What They Mean

Tanzanite rings are gaining lots of ground in the world of jewellery and we don’t see why not. They are bought as personal gifts and lately they have become one of the favorite engagement pieces today. So what sets them apart? What makes them tick? Why do they continue to charm? We’ve got some facts and information about them that could answer the above questions. So what are you waiting for Diamond Deals Online have shared some below. Read on up!

Tanzanite ring#1: UNIQUE HUES AND COLORS – This bluish purple gemstone of the family zoisite is most famous for its trichroism. This refers to a mineral property that enables tanzanite to exhibit three different colours (lilac, sapphire and violet) when viewed under different lighting angles and types of light. For example, when under fluorescent light, the blue tint becomes more saturated while the purple hues radiate more under incandescent lighting. Cool right?

#2: THE STONE OF MAGIC – Ancient belief states that the gemstone helps with one’s spiritual awareness and even psychic abilities or insight. It is believed to increase one’s consciousness and gives way for deep and peaceful meditation.

#3: THE WORKAHOLIC’S STONE – Likewise, tanzanite rigs are also best for people who tend to overwork themselves or those who are most prone to burnout. It brings calmness, focus and composure. In short it is a stone that makes you slow down and take it easy but not to the point where you’d get to slack off. Plus, it aids in better communication and the formulation of solutions to problems.

#4: SUCCESS AND CAREER – For people who feel trapped in their jobs, for those who want to find the courage to pursue a passion and for those who feel the need for a career change, this piece of jewellery is for you.

#5: RARITY AND EXCEPTIONALITY – They are considered rare and of exceptional value due to the fact that they can only be mined in one location namely at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. It is from here where it basically got its name.

#6: HEALTH AND BEAUTY – They too are believed to curb depression, negative energy and illnesses such as hypertension. Rumour has it that they can wake up people from coma as well as slow down the aging process.

#7: UNIQUENESS AND EXCEPTIONALITY – Lastly, tanzanite rings suit best people who want to stand out, be unique and set themselves apart. They are a big symbol for distinctiveness, confidence and charisma.

Proper Jewellery Care for Diamond Solitaire Earrings

When it comes to jewellery, proper care and maintenance is necessary to ensure that their beauty and elegance lasts long. One of the most common pieces that every woman has today would have to be the diamond solitaire earrings. They are a unique and balanced mix of simplicity and regality combined. Their solitary stone speaks highly of elegance and sophistication. Now how do you ensure that they remain like that? Doing the following tips will surely help you.

platinum-diamond-solitaire-earrings#1: Store them in the right container. – This one is a must. Place them anywhere or on top of your dresser and you might not see them again. Remember that earrings can be teeny tiny and misplacing them is very easy. Get a jewellery box or any similar container to house them in.

#2: Avoid scratches altogether. – Diamonds may be the hardest of the gemstones but they too can get scratched by one of its kind. Plus they can damage your other gemstone pieces. To avoid this, keep them separately. Use dividers or separate bags. If you’re looking for something practical go for medicine pill boxes or even Ziploc bags.

#3: Keep them away from direct heat. – This is for the purpose of avoiding tarnishing of the metal in which the stone has been set upon.

#4: Wear them after doing your hair and make-up. – To avoid any contact with harsh chemicals from lotions, perfume and hairspray, wear your diamond solitaire earrings last. This is a major rule of thumb.

#5: Make sure that you clean them regularly. – Overtime the small crevices and the item itself will accumulate dust, dirt, oil, sweat and other impurities that will cause dullness. This makes it a good idea to give them some home cleaning. You can use any mild soap, lukewarm water and a soft bristled brush to do this.

#6: Bring them to a jeweller immediately when needed. – Should you notice any dents, loosening, discolorations and other damages bring them immediately to a jeweller. Have them checked and repaired to avoid further harm.

#7: Don’t wear them while taking a bath. – Lastly, do not wear your diamond solitaire earrings when taking a bath or shower, going for a dip on the pool or enjoying the sand and sea. You risk losing the jewellery and tiny pieces like these will prove hard to find. You don’t want to end up squinting your eyes and scrambling on your knees once they’re lost.

Tips in Buying Platinum Diamond Solitaire Ring and Jewelry Online

With today’s highly modernized, technological savvy and fast paced living, online shopping has become not just a trend but in fact a norm. You can pretty much buy anything over the internet with the comforts of your own home and the convenience of having the item shipped to your doorstep. Among the roster of things that you could purchase, jewelry is one of them but due to their value one should take extra caution when it comes to buying platinum diamond solitaire ring and jewelry online. With that said here is a set of tips for your jewelry cyber shopping!

platinum-diamond-solitaire-ring# 1: ALWAYS CHECK THE PRIVACY POLICY – This is commonly found in online shops and contains a set of terms, policies and procedures wherein the company informs the public about the manner in which it stores and uses information from them. This is an important matter to read and understand especially considering that you will have to give confidential information such as names, contact details, home addresses and credit card numbers.

#2: RESEARCH AND READ FEEDBACKS – Be sure to research on the company as well as look for reputable and trustworthy client testimonial, reviews and feedbacks. Given that you won’t see the sellers and their products in person until they are delivered to you, it is best to get ideas from people who have already purchased from the said jeweler.

#3: KNOW THE RETURN AND EXCHANGE TERMS – Should there be any need to return the item (e.g. damages, wrong item shipped), you should be aware of how return and exchange policies go. Who bears shipping costs? What is the return period? How about refunds?

#4: ASCERT LEGITIMACY AND AUTHENTICITY – Because we are talking about jewelry in the first place, authenticity of both product and business is a must. So apart from reading reviews try to check with the Better Business Bureau. From their website you would gather any anomalies, malpractices, client concerns and other related matter as experienced b other customers.

#5: TEST CUSTOMER SERVICE – When buying platinum diamond solitaire ring and jewelry online it is also best to try how well a shop’s customer service goes. How quick do they respond to calls or emails? Are they polite? This is something that every customer should make sure that a business has before making any transactions with them. Many companies will try to sell something to you and after your payment you wouldn’t be given attention to should there be any concerns. Look for those that do not do this. Test their customer service with a few inquiries ere and there.